Spaces From Yesterday:
The Last Summer
Two channel video
projection, mixed media


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Spaces From Yesterday is an exhibition series developed collaboratively between Amy M. Ho and incarcerated artists from San Quentin State Prison. The third exhibition in this series, The Last Summer, was done in collaboration with Chanton Bun. When Bun was around eleven, he and his siblings and aunt and uncle (who were his age) built a fort in an empty lot next to his apartment complex. They used found materials - chicken wire, cardboard and a plastic mat, to build their fort. Inside the fort was an old box spring and comic books and at one point they even had a fishpond. There was an abandoned burned out building in the empty lot and on certain nights, Bun swears they would see the ghost of a Buddhist monk looking out into the sunset (he still gets goose bumps telling the story). The title of this collaboration, The Last Summer, refers to how that summer in the fort was the last summer before his cousins and relatives all started getting in trouble with the law and getting arrested.