Space represents the most immediate medium through which our bodies experience the world. All our senses come to us through space, yet we often overlook our sensitivity to physical surroundings. The large-scale spatial installations that I build explore our emotional and bodily relationships to our physical environment. Drawing from nature and architecture, I aim to heighten the viewer’s experience of their own physicality and to bring attention to the immediacy of consciousness. My work strives to make us actually feel the world around us.

Many of my works utilize video projections or architectural manipulations to distort the viewer’s sense of space or time. Some of my installations involve projecting “extensions” to the exhibition space. Lining up with the existing corners of the room, the projected imaginary spaces in these works extend the real space into that of the virtual illusionary space. Through these installations, the viewer’s experience of the pictorial space begins to mimic their experience of real space. In viewing the work, the audience becomes keenly aware of the room around them and in turn, also aware of their own consciousness and physicality. Currently, I am working on a series of installations developed collaboratively with incarcerated artists from San Quentin State Prison. In this series, I am recreating spaces from the inmates’ memories of their lives before prison. The installations in this series, paired with inmate illustrations of the spaces, explore the experience of remembering space and bring cherished memories back to life.