Projects at San Quentin:
Dioramas The Mandala Project Beyond the Cage Minature City  
The Mandala Project is a weekly three-hour art workshop that takes place in the art studio at San Quentin State Prison. The Mandala Project started in Nov 2013 and is led by artist Amy M. Ho.

Mandalas have long been symbols of peace, meditation and spirituality and the circular motif of the mandala has appeared in varied spiritual and religious practices.  The workshop examines the practice of art as meditation and the role of art in promoting peace.  Over fifteen inmate artists have participated in creating mandalas that incorporate their spiritual and ethnic heritage with imagery that inspires them.  Through the workshop, we have created seventeen mandalas in various mediums and a collaborative mandala that the group created collectively. 

The Mandala Project has been made possible through support from the William James Association and through support provided by Southern Exposure’s Alternative Exposure Grant Program.   The William James Association promotes work service in the arts, environment, education, and community development.  Special thanks to Carol Newborg for her assistance in getting the project started.  Also, thanks to Laurie Brooks, Executive Director at the William James Association, Steve Emrick, Community Partnerships Manager at San Quentin, Sam Robinson, Public Information Officer at San Quentin and Kevin Chappell, Warden at San Quentin State Prison.

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